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Hypnotherapy can help with many issues including:

Confidence, Self Esteem & Increased motivation
Panic Attacks
Ego Strengthening and Self-Hypnosis
Performance nerves 
Sleep disorders, creative dreaming, insomnia, nightmares etc
Pain Management
Unwanted Habits
Immunity Booster

Confidence, Self Esteem & Increased motivation

We all admire relaxed confidence in other people, but have you considered that confidence is often simply the ability to accept and believe in yourself, your own opinions, decisions and ability to do things that you ought to and want to be able to do, allowing you to be relaxed with other people and in everyday situations.

Belief in yourself and your own ability to achieve, naturally leads to an inner confidence, promoting self growth, self esteem and motivation.

Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks are common place with the pace and pressures of modern day society, and are often a symptom of stress, increased anxiety and lack of self confidence.

Often these attacks are triggered by a specific set of circumstances and can lead to a feeling of loss of control, and in turn can cause physical symptoms such as increased heart rate, palpitations, sweating and nausea.

These feelings can be so terrifying, you end up avoiding potential situations altogether.

With just a few sessions you can learn how to relax in these situations, increase your confidence and to overcome your anxieties and fears.

Because panic attacks can have physical symptoms, it is important that a doctor’s diagnosis is confirmed before therapy begins.

Ego Strengthening and Self-Hypnosis

Ego Strengthening and Self-Hypnosis is the foundation and cornerstone for treating many conditions.

Ego Strengthening will be used and Self-Hypnosis taught at the beginning of any course of treatment.

Once you have mastered the easy techniques of self hypnosis you can harness its potency to enable progress and change in many aspects of your life.

Performance nerves

Public speaking, presentations, best man speech, exam stress, driving test nerves, sports performance etc.

Use that stress energy as an inner resource of positive energy to enhance your performance ability.

Be amazed at how confident and comfortable you can feel.

Sleep disorders, creative dreaming, insomnia, nightmares etc.

Difficulty sleeping, learn how to relax, switch off and drift into a deep and refreshing sleep.

If you feel that there are deeper issues preventing a good nights sleep, these issues can be dealt with.

Recognise nightmares as just dreams that you can take control of.

Familiar with the saying ‘sleep on it’. Dreams can be used for creative inspirations and problem solving.

Pain Management

Pain is nature’s way of indicating to the brain that there is damage occurring to our body, and that we need to do something about it, and pain also reminds us to treat our body with care whilst it heals.

When this pain becomes ongoing and the pain message no longer serves a useful purpose, it can simply reduce our enjoyment of life.

Through hypnosis, followed with self hypnosis you can learn to control the intensity of pain, reducing the brain perception of the pain message.

With headaches and Migraines, once these have been diagnosed by your doctor as being stress related, hypnosis can help reduce the underlying cause of that stress and also help reduce the pain itself.

Unwanted Habits.

If you have an unwanted habit such as nail biting, chewing pen, pulling out your hair, hypnotherapy can help.

Habits are often things you do automatically, without realising, and are not aware of it until the nails are bitten raw, the inks all over the mouth, or again there is a noticeable bald patch.

Hypnotherapy brings this automatic unconscious act into our conscious awareness, so consciously you can choose not to do it.

Mild aversion therapy can be used, which makes the act itself repulsive, so you will simply no longer have the urge to continue with it.

See also stop smoking

Immunity Booster

It is a commonly known fact that the mind can affect our body’s ability to heal.

If you are feeling run down or are recovering from an illness, using powerful imagery during hypnosis can help boost your immune system and aid a speedier recovery

Please note: Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy and it is never recommended as an alternative to conventional medicine. You should always seek advice from your doctor.

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